As to be a part of social work, we are starting an initiative to help individuals , specially the old age home people or the orphanage near you, traverse the possibilities to ensure they gain access to the services and supports they need.We are trying to reach out to the needy who are away from the basic needs of life. It is just a step forward in improving our society. In order to take it ahead we need your help and support.

Through our site,, we want you all to join us in this initiative.All you need to do is donate your stuffs to the old age home people or the orphanage near you. It can be anything of their use like old clothes, food, soap, toys etc. Whatever you wish to donate just pack it properly and write you name on it. You can contact us through the contact information given below. If you wish then you can directly go to shelter homes and donate there or we shall do it for you and we will also give you receipt of you name after delivery. Just keep in mind to pack the things properly and don’t forget to mention your name.

Do join us in our small initiative to make it a success and make our society a better place to live. Everyone has a right to live a healthy and prosperous life, through our support and help we can make this happen.

For any query or information, please feel free to contact us. The details are given below.

Rohan: 98500048494 | Ajit: 9623169652

Thank you!